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Best breakfast tacos in Waco
Sometimes outsiders--people unfamiliar to the stuff that's completely mundane to me--can describe things a lot better than I can. A while ago, Red Bull decided to film David Coulthard running one of their Formula 1 cars running around downtown Austin and the construction site of race track they're building down there. Even though people were posting enough pictures and video of a brutally loud race car and the camera set-ups they were using to film it to cause a serious film grad nerdgasm, nothing warmed my heart quite as much as when someone handed Coulthard a breakfast taco. Of Central Texas' signature dish, the Scottish driver said, "It's almost everything I need all in one."

Well, he nailed it. I'm a big believer in the breakfast taco. They're instant happy. Whenever I eat one, it's as if I'm automatically having a better day from that point forward. I can't say that about anything I'd have to eat with a fork. If the rest of the world had breakfast tacos, it'd be a happier, less hungry place. Had Red Bull been filming on Franklin instead of FM 812, there's no doubt that this taco would have come from Lolita's. Breakfast tacos are what Lolita's does best.

Lolita's scrambled eggs are fluffy and moist without being runny. The white cheese adds just enough flavor that's not overpowering or greasy. The sausage is cooked just right, too, without any tough, overcooked bits. I accidentally ended up with a friend's potato, egg and cheese taco, too, and even though I don't like potatoes, the potatoes seemed fresh and chewy so that they weren't half bad.

The warm red salsa they have is a nice compliment to their breakfast tacos as well. It's oniony and mildly spicy, and my only complaint is that the big chunks of onion don't fall out of the plastic salsa containers as freely as the runny salsa juice. Considering that the "taco pee" running down my hand was all salsa instead of egg juice, I'd say Lolita's is doing it right.

I tried the enchiladas there for lunch once and wasn't as impressed with them as I was with the breakfast tacos. They were good, but nothing particularly special. I'd definitely say that Lolita's strength is in their tacos. Perhaps I need to try their lunch elefante.

You get a lot of food for cheap here. The dining room is bright and clean, or if you're too lazy to get out of your pajamas, there's a drive-thru window to order from.

Lolita's is definitely the place to start your day off right: with tacos.