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Vanilla Briceby

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Giving Dos thumbs up to Tres
Just got done dining at Waco's latest Mexican food restaurant with my Friday lunch crew, and I'm fat and happy as a result. (Though I may have been fat before. I'll have to check on that).

It's a sister establishment to a place called Tres Hermanos in Whitney, which apparently was damaged by fire. A number of Whitney folks were there today, having made the drive in for their favorite Tex-Mex fare. I thought that was a good sign.

The prices were great, as everything on the lunch menu ran less than $8. I ordered the beef enchilada dinner, and it was massive and flavorful. Two of my lunchmates had the lunch burrito, another ordered the cheese enchiladas, and the fifth dude opted for quesadillas, and everyone left satisfied.

To me, the food was very good, not mind-blowing or spectacular, but good. But where Tres really excelled was in its service. In my humble and accurate opinion, the mathematical equation that determines a restaurant's service ratio is this -- the amount of time my beverage glass remains empty plus the amount of time required to receive a new beverage. The lower the total, the better.

Well, at Tres, my glass never had a chance to get empty. The servers actually apologized for the lunch rush, and yet they were extremely attentive and friendly throughout our meal.

As any Wacoan knows, our fair city has a bounty of Mexican food options. But if you combine good food with exceptional service, I'll certainly return again and again.