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Barnett's Pub


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What Might've Been...
I was excited when I heard the news of a pub coming to town. I mean a real pub. We didn't go for the longest...hoping to give them time to work out the kinks. But the time came. And we went.

From the moment we walked in it felt like what I imagine the uncool kids feel like walking by the cool table. It was cliquish. And thats just from the staff.

Being a first timer, after 20 min of realizing I would have to be my own beverage advocate, I saddled up to the bar. About 7 min into the ackward saddledness, the bartender simply looked in my if I asked him if I could kiss his girlfriend. I said, "hey it's my first time...what do you guys have?". He responded by looking over his shoulder at a terribly small selection of beers...paused...then looked back at me. "so, what drinks do you have? Do you have a menu?". His response was fantastic..."what you what we got.". He obviously didn't excel in grammar, but that was the least of my issues.

Needless to say I began hearing JT in a beer stein suit singing "bring it on down to Cickets-ville".

We left. Sad at the terrible display of service, selection, and, well, verbal skills of the staff.

Time to realize, Barnetts, you are no Cheers. Hire people who enjoy people...not grammar flunkouts who think they are a gift to the social scene. If you want my money, earn it.