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I'm from San Diego, and you can imagine my delight, In & Out Burger is a fantastic chain to finally come to Waco! If you're looking for a juicy hamburger that if fresh, never frozen then this is the place. I got a burger, fries and a drink for under $6.00. They have a very limited offering, and a well known secret menu that gives you more options. You can still be a Whataburger fan and enjoy In & Out, it's apples and oranges in comparison. My favorite is the spread that they use, really adds to the flavor. The only thing I wasn't too fond of is their fries, they're just ok, but I'm just there for the burger anyways. My only other observation is the dining room is pretty small compared to the other locations I've been to, but fortunately it wasn't during peak hours. So glad I no longer have to go to DFW or Austin to enjoy one of these treats.

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