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So, I Like Chinese...What of it?
As some you you who follow my reviews might notice, I like to eat Chinese.

It's true, and I must admit that the Magic China does NOT look like much from the outside. A friend who I trust assured me that I should try it, particularly the Hot and Sour Soup (a favorite of mine) and Sesame Chicken. Therefore, it was with some trepidation that I went to Magic China the other day.

Following my friend's advice, I ordered Hot and Sour Soup and Sesame Chicken (extra hot). While waiting, I found the atmosphere soothing and pleasant, just what I like in a restaurant. This was true even those there were several large parties of families at bigger tables (with those fun spinning lazy susans in the middle!).

Sadly, the food failed to fully fulfill the hype (which is why I should never become hopeful). The sesame chicken was overcooked slighty, which with smaller pieces, makes it harder to eat and bit without shoving all the way in your mouth or chawing on the side. The Hot and Sour Soup was good, with the appropriate amount of spice and vinegar quality. The corn starch thickened the soup without overpowering the soup. The veggies tasted a bit odd, like they had just been thrown in (I've never hat H&S Soup with carrots), and there was not as much tofu as I like. Still, when I reheated it a couple days later, it was still tasty.

All in all, it has potential and deserves another shot, but it was not really exciting.

Look for Ted Nugent here!
This really is a great place for chinese food. I have only eaten here for lunch, but they have a great lunch menu and is very reasonably priced. The noodles are very good! You get a lot of food for your money as well. Ted Nugent loves this place and I have seen him eating here before.

Best Chinese restaurant in Waco
This is the best Chinese food in Waco, and I've looked. My favorite dish is the Hong Kong noodle soup. There are many vegetarian friendly dishes on the menu, including both soft and fried tofu.

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