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This location is not as good as Wooded Acres
I enjoy the Chopsticks at wooded acres, they are prompt, and will make the food extra spicy for me, and have amazing soups. This location is simply not as good. As an example, two dishes were ordered one was beef and broccoli, and one was orange beef. In both the beef was like the largest chunks of stew meat you could imagine. There was a MASSIVE amount of food on eat plate, but it was not cut up at all, and incredibly hard to eat. This size also prevents the food from cooking properly, or tasting they way they should because it it too large.

I mentioned it to the owner at the Wood Acres location, and he said he would pass the message along, I went back since then and still it is served the same way. With a bit of a run down building, and sub par food, I won't be back to this location.

Never Again
I have been home sick for a few days and decided to have chinese delivered. Not only was it 15 minutes later than they said it would be, but when we did receive our $30 plus worth of food some of it was burned. Very disappointed and the food was nothing to brag about for the cost. I thought it would be nice to have Chinese delivered, however I was terribly mistaken.

Better places out there...
Decided to try Chopsticks because it is the closest Chinese food place to my home. It is worth to drive a little farther. The inside of the restaurant was not that clean and the food looked like it had been sitting out for a while. The prices seemed expensive compared to what you were getting. The chicken was fatty and the egg rolls were dried out and over done.

Maybe other locations are better but if you are this side of town, it would be better to go down the road to other Chinese places.

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