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Will it be a victorious and bountiful fall?

August 16, 2011 | Chad Conine | Promotions
Will it be a victorious and bountiful fall?

You see what I did there?

By posing the "I WacoFork Waco" sign in between Baylor legends Grant Teaff and Mike Singletary, and then using a fairly ambiguous question headline, I created a double question. Will it be a victorious season for Baylor? We'll have to wait and see. The possibilities are promising, though, and that's not something the Bears have been able to say very often since Coach Teaff left the Baylor sideline. But now the names Art Briles and Robert Griffin are on everyone's lips in the same way that Teaff and Singletary used to be.

More to the point of our little Web venture is the second question. Will it be a victorious fall for you, the WacoFork family? We hope so. We think so. Actually, for at least a portion of you, we know so. That's because we're running two contests.

The "WacoFork It" contest is still going. You still have plenty of time to get your entries in by Labor Day. We've decided the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to a Waco steak house. For a refresher on the contest, go here.

Frankly, to this point, the "WacoFork It" contest hasn't had a ton of traffic. But that's OK. It just means that your odds are real good if you get excited and post a "WacoFork It" picture on Facebook (don't forget to tag us).

The second contest, as announced last week, is that we're going to give away another iPad2. When we reach 1,000 reviews, we're going to pick a name and that name will be the winner. Simple as that. Since we announced the new iPad2 contest last week, we've had a steady stream of quality reviews. And remember, quality reviews, ones that will enhance the experience of dining out in our town, are the ones we're looking for.

Write a bunch of reviews to increase your chances of winning. But be advised, if you attempt to stuff the drawing box with less than legitimate reviews, we're going to throw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Tired of football references? Sorry, but I'm only getting started.