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Announcing the "WacoFork It" contest

June 22, 2011 | Chad Conine | Promotions
Announcing the "WacoFork It" contest

Everyone is wondering what our next contest will be. People are talking about it. Many have asked me.

Okay, at least one person for sure asked me about it. And we mentioned it on Facebook and it received "likes" so we assume you're chomping at the bit.

Here's the next contest. We have this pdf, see, and we want you to print it out and take pictures of it and with it in interesting places. For example, let's say that one of our good WacoForkers travels to Mount Rushmore this summer on vacation. Well, you could take a picture that makes it appear as if Abe Lincoln is wearing a WacoFork T-shirt. Or you could take a picture of yourself holding the WacoFork sign while standing in front of the exalted ex-presidents. Either way. (This kind of makes me want to go to Mount Rushmore).

We're not telling you to go on an exotic vacation just to promote WacoFork, but if you are going on an exotic vacation, then why not pack a piece of paper with our logo on it? Or print it when you get there.

Or you don't even have to go out of town. The challenge is to take a picture of the WacoFork sign in an interesting place. There are plenty of interesting places in town — the suspension bridge, on the court at the Ferrell Center, in the end zone at Floyd Casey, the 15th green at Ridgewood Country Club and the Dr Pepper house to name just a few.

To take part in the "WacoFork It" contest, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Click here to download the "I WacoFork Waco" PDF file.
  • Step 2: Print it.
  • Step 3: Go somewhere interesting with your shiny new "I WacoFork Waco" sign and take a picture of yourself with the sign in that interesting place. (Be creative!)
  • Step 4: Upload your photo to your Facebook albums and tag WacoFork in the photo. You have to like us on Facebook before you can tag us (not our rule, that's just how Facebook works). If you don't have a Facebook account, you can email the photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You have until Labor Day to take the most interesting photo you can get. We'll collect all the photos in an album on our Facebook page. Your official entry for the purpose of voting will be the photo that appears in our album, not the one in your album. After Labor Day, we'll open the voting.

Obviously, the photo with the most votes (likes on Facebook) will win the contest and the loot, which is yet to be determined. When we determine the loot, we promise it will be the kind of thing that makes you say something like "Oh, man, I can't wait for (blank)day. I'm going to (blank) because I won a (blank) from WacoFork! Woohooo, (blank)!" We not only allow, but also strongly encourage begging, pleading, enticing, coercing, and even bribing all of your friends to "like" your entry to increase your chances of winning.

For inspiration, I recommend watching the films "Exit Through The Gift Shop" and "Up In The Air," even if you don't get the perfect idea for the contest, you'll at least enjoy them. They're good.

So that's the contest. Get cracking.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or support graffiti or defacing property in any way. Any entry that involves graffiti or damaging of property in any way will not be considered for the contest. We also do not support trespassing, so only get the picture if you can do it without trespassing. Basically, we don't want you to commit any illegal activity for the sake of this contest.