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REMINDER: WacoFork It still going; ANNOUNCING: the next big thing

August 11, 2011 | Chad Conine | Promotions
REMINDER: WacoFork It still going; ANNOUNCING: the next big thing

I'm not sure what should go first here, so I'm gonna sort of blurt it all at once.

As stated in yesterday's blog, we're extremely excited about the upcoming months with school back in session and this town coming back to life as, hopefully, the weather cools off. We have a current contest running, but we also can't wait to announce the next big thing.

The "WacoFork It" contest is still going. You still have plenty of time to get your entries in by Labor Day. We've decided the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to a Waco steak house. For a refresher on the contest, go here.

That said, we are going to give away another iPad2. I repeat, WE ARE GOING TO GIVE AWAY ANOTHER IPAD2!

Here's the deal, we're so impressed by the way WacoFork users have taken to rating and reviewing Waco restaurants. We really can't get enough of them. As it stands we've had almost 450 reviews written, spanning well more than 100 local eateries.

So this new promotion is pretty straight forward. Every review written from right now until we reach 1,000 reviews will earn the reviewer an entry in the hat. When we reach 1,000 reviews we will draw for the iPad2.

Simple as that. You control your chances of winning*.

(* Please play fair by only writing legitimate reviews. One-liners will be severely scrutinized and we reserve the right to determine whether or not reviews are legit.)