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Cafe Cap back to blanket coverage of Waco breakfasts

May 11, 2015 | Chad Conine | Latest News
Cafe Cap back to blanket coverage of Waco breakfasts

I was at church on Sunday morning when I noticed my friend Josh Blake was dressed kind of fancy, which I knew was because of Mother's Day because I go to the kind of church where jeans and T-shirts are more common that suits and ties.

Turns out, he had already been to Mother's Day brunch. I inquired where and he said the new Cafe Cappuccino. That was news to me.

Cafe Cappuccino opened on Richland about three weeks ago. The store replaces the Bosque location that closed a while back. So Cafe Cap once again has three cafes — downtown, Hewitt and the new one.

I dropped in for lunch today and the new store is outfitted like the Hewitt location. They've done a good job of intentionally giving all their restaurants the same polished feel. That's probably a big reason why it's one of our town's preferred breakfast meet-up spots.

One more bite: Speaking of breakfast, there's a new Shipley's on Waco Drive if that does anything for anybody. It's supposedly a retro Shipley's, so I guess if you need to be nostalgic about the old days of buying donuts then this is your place.