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My theory of Mexican food: the closer to home, the closer to the heart

July 27, 2011 | Chad Conine | Latest News
My theory of Mexican food: the closer to home, the closer to the heart

Having just added a new Mexican food listing to our restaurant directory today — The Ranchito — I've been thinking about the plethora of taquerias and taco trucks and other assorted Mexican food restaurants we are fortunate to have in Waco.

I love enchiladas and fajitas and tacos. Just a plain old guacamole salad and a bowl of chicken enchilada soup can be just the right combination for lunch sometimes. It's hard to believe, but I went four consecutive months, while living in the UK last year, without eating Mexican food. Or I should say without eating anything that resembled authentic Mexican food. I'm still considering the possibility of opening a taco truck in St Andrews, Scotland.

Speaking of new ventures, there are more Mexican food restaurants on the way, specifically Jardin de Jalisco in the location formerly occupied by Mr. B's, and Altos de Jalisco in the Lorena location formerly known as Ruthy's.

These new developments made me wonder what makes Waco (and maybe this goes for all of Texas) such a good Mexican food market. I reached the conclusion that every neighborhood can sustain at least one Mexican food restaurant and/or taco truck. A side note, this theory might also apply to burger joints.

Anyway, I would like your help on testing this theory.

First, ask yourself what is your favorite Mexican food restaurant or taco truck. Then answer this question: how far is this location from your residence? You may use Goolge Maps.

Let me know by commenting on this blog.