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Jimmy John's sandwich shop coming to town ... and your front door

March 28, 2011 | Chad Conine | Latest News
Jimmy John's sandwich shop coming to town ... and your front door

One way to gauge expectations for a new chain restaurant coming to town is to listen to its devotees.

Personal example — I preached the gospel of Chipotle for years. Then it comes to town and Bang! lines out the door. Of course, I wasn't the only one promoting Chipotle and dreaming of the day it opened a Waco store, just as I'm not the only one wondering when Freebirds will land in Waco.

For the lovers of Jimmy John's sandwiches, the day is drawing tantalizingly close when they can eat their beloved sandwiches right here. Signs point to a late-April opening day and that seemed even closer as signage went up at the downtown store location last week.

I've not actually eaten at Jimmy John's. But I've heard enough fans thrill to the news that Jimmy John's is coming — "Wait, what? We're getting a Jimmy John's! YES!" — to expect something special.

The buzz I'm hearing about Jimmy John's focuses on the quality of the sandwiches. But from Jimmy John's end, in speaking with some friends that are helping in bringing the restaurant to town and browsing the Jimmy John's website, they emphasize delivery as one of their strengths. At the moment, I've got to confess that I don't really get this. I mean, if the sandwich is good, I'm happy to go to their store. But this is the type of thing that tends to pleasantly surprise. Am I in the habit of ordering food? No. I even prefer to pick up a pizza at Poppa Rollo's to having one delivered. But could there come a day when I want to have a sandwich delivered so I don't have to interrupt the ball game or movie I'm watching? Possibly.