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Einstein Bros., Mooyah arriving soon at Baylor

July 13, 2011 | Chad Conine | Latest News
Einstein Bros., Mooyah arriving soon at Baylor

Someone is going to have to explain to me why a bagel would ever be preferable to a donut.

As of right now, no restaurant in town prominently features the bagel. Oh sure, there are plenty of places where a bagel could be obtained, I suppose. But as of right now there's not an Einstein Bros. Bagels, nor is there any longer a New York Bagel, which used to be located in the Toys R Us shopping center on Waco Drive, nor is there any Bob's Bagels or anything like that.

And frankly, it doesn't bother me. Because there's Shipley Donuts and Daylight Donuts and all of these donut shops. This is because, in my view of things which I believe is sound, both bagels and donuts are round pastries with a hole in the middle. One is soft and sweet, the other tough and bland. Oh sure, you can put cream cheese on a bagel to make it taste better, but you could also put cream cheese on a donut but there's no need.

See? Donuts win.

Nevertheless, I understand how some people were enthusiastic about the news that Einstein Bros. Bagels will soon be arriving at the Baylor student union building. A quick trip to Baylor today confirmed this for me. Inside the student union building I found the sign in the picture with this blog. Chick-fil-A, Ninfa's and Quizno's were already present in the student union building and also in other places in Waco.

Einstein Bros. and Mooyah represent new entries in the Baylor and Waco communities. That is, they will be present in the Baylor student union building and not as accessible for those of us who don't regularly frequent that area.

As far as I know, any of us would be allowed to park in Baylor's visitors parking and make the short walk into the sub to dine at these restaurants. But obviously Aramark, Baylor's food service provider, brought these businesses to the student union building to specifically cater to the Baylor community.

Kudos to Baylor and Aramark for bringing something new into the mix. Perhaps it will entice these and other companies to place stores elsewhere in Waco.

This is the end of this blog as I have made myself hungry for a donut.