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News and notes: Metro and Legacy open on Austin Ave

August 12, 2011 | Chad Conine | Latest News
News and notes: Metro and Legacy open on Austin Ave

I took my first vacation last week since we launched WacoFork, so of course two new restaurants opened downtown.

Metro moved into the space formerly occupied by Austin's On The Avenue. Officially it became Metro last Thursday, but this isn't just a name change. Metro is sort of tapping a previously unavailable type of food. It's New York food, thus the name.

I promise it won't be long before I eat and blog about the Broadway Hot Dog and the Coney Island Chili Dog. But that's not the entirety of NYC-themed dishes. They're everywhere, from the Hell's Kitchen Wings starter to the New York Style Cheese Cake dessert.

In case you're wondering about the authenticity of NYC food, well Metro is part of the Baris family of restaurants. So it's Waco's version of Little Italy.

Just a couple doors down from Metro on Austin Avenue another, equally unique new offering opened up last week. Legacy Cafe & Art Gallery serves lunch, dinner and late night, coffee and all that implies, while also serving as an art gallery. Legacy currently displays the collection of owner James Lafayette along with work from other local artists.

Lafayette added that he'll be frequently bringing in live jazz, including jazz guitarist Jon Fox tonight.

Cafe Homestead flexes fine-dining muscle

Cafe Homestead manager Sam Lindsay was nice enough to fit me in to the Farm to Table Dinner the restaurant served Thursday night.

Normally, Cafe Homestead is open for breakfast and lunch, but Lindsay has begun a tradition of special dinners for astute and opportunistic customers. At least that's how I choose to see it.

On Thursday night, our table of five raved about the balsamic vinegar doused figs, the heirloom tomatoes drizzled with pesto, cheese and jalapeño grits, sautéed vegetables and just about as tasty a ribeye as you could hope to ever cross your lips. As if our taste buds weren't already dazzled, the meal finished with a lemon parfait topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries. All of that for $26. See what I mean? Astute and opportunistic diners.

Almost as impressive as the food was the way the servers promptly followed each course with the next one with outstanding efficiency. My friend Cameron Weed pointed out that his raspberry and lime tea never dipped below the halfway point of his glass.

I tweeted a picture of my entrée hoping to make our Twitter followers jealous. Sorry about that. Just know you can get in on the next Cafe Homestead dinner, rumored to feature a Greek menu, on August 25.

One More Bite: El Crucero, one of our favorite little Mexican food joints, has been closed this week while owner Jesus Betancourt and his family have been on vacation. Don't worry though, they'll be open again next week and we're planning a meet up. So keep your eyes peeled for that.