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Becky Murphy: Friends in Waco

August 1, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Becky Murphy: Friends in Waco

Guest blogger Becky Murphy brought her talent and charm to Waco in 2010 when she began work as a graphic designer at Hole In The Roof Marketing. Her work can also be seen on her blog,, and her Etsy page Chipper Things.

By Becky Murphy

One year ago I departed from Iowa to a place where the crickets are bigger and the weather rises above the century mark. A land that has a claim to fame on every corner and the hospitality runs as rampant as gun licenses. It was a scary thing being new to a town a thousand miles from where I called home.

After wandering into a new church one Sunday last August, new pal and co-worker Melissa saw me and took me under her wing. After the service, we went out for lunch with the gang. It was at that restaurant that I got my first taste of community in Waco as well as the best dang chicken tortilla soup I've ever had. I mean it. I just went back to Mi Tequila after almost a year and had that soup again. I asked myself why I hadn't been inhaling it every day since that glorious Sunday. It's the best thing since Netflix and tax returns.

All that to say, I've got the best buds in Waco and Waco has the best Mexican food. Good move.