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Lunch with Dutton at Food For Thought, reflecting on a fun weekend

June 6, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Lunch with Dutton at Food For Thought, reflecting on a fun weekend

It was a fun weekend, but I'm excited about getting back to work on WacoFork business on this toasty Monday here in our fine town.

That was especially the case when I learned the guys from the internationally famous rock band Dutton would be in town for lunch. I don't think "internationally famous" is a hyperbolic description, but some would suggest that "internationally famous" would be a little bit off the mark for any praise-and-worship group, even if they are in the middle of a jam-packed summer tour. Still, these guys can scarcely go out in public without getting mobbed by fans in Oklahoma.

I joined them for lunch at Food For Thought and managed to talk Logan into a peanut butter pie for dessert. If you haven't had it, it's about as simply good as dessert gets.

Dutton, which bases out of Dallas these days, was headed for a week-long event just south of Austin. Seeing them was a good way to get rolling this week after an eventful weekend. It helped me shake off the emotional let down of a Monday, you know?

Oh, but what a weekend. It began with the WacoFork immediate family celebrating hitting our 4x200 goals, which came about Friday afternoon. We got together at Tokyo for all that is the Japanese steakhouse experience. We spent some time planning the big celebration at Poppa Rollo's on June 18.

Anyway, the weekend-long party took off from there.

By the end of Friday evening, I swam through The Dancing Bear, on to Cricket's and finally landed at Taqueria Mexican Taco for late night chorizo and bistec tacos along with chorizo queso with friends and WacoForkers Brian Patterson, Caleb Roberts and Caley Carmichael. If you haven't finished off a Friday night with chorizo queso at Taqueria Mexican Taco, then you need to get busy living.

Saturday brought the wedding of two more from the WacoFork nation — Tye Barrett and Katie Picken, who pulled the ultra-savvy move of having Cafe Homestead cater their reception. Seriously, folks — brisket, green beans, potato salad and the most wonderful Italian cream wedding cake I've ever tasted along with Pecan ice cream that put it over the top. We danced with full bellies.

Sunday was restful. But I did make it to The Dancing Bear to watch the Mavs with a few more WacoFork friends — Wes Butler, Craig Nash and Paxton Dove. The Mavs' loss was discouraging, but the weekend wasn't ruined.

That's another great thing about the WacoFork adventure — I'm not always working, but I'm always doing business.