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Mark your calendars for the 4x200 Celebration

June 1, 2011 | Chad Conine | Promotions
Mark your calendars for the 4x200 Celebration

We don't need to have a reason to have a party — we'll haul off and throw one for things like basketball games or a television star leaving his program. But as it happens we have several good reasons to throw a party this month.

So we're having a party — the WacoFork 4x200 Celebration — on June 18 at Poppa Rollo's Pizza. Because we're so close to reaching our 4x200 goals and we're confident we'll get there by party time. Because we're giving away an iPad2. Because we recently ordered T-shirts. But mostly because we want to hang out with you, our friends.

Come join us. Please. We really, really want to see you there. You might win an iPad and there's an even better chance you'll leave with a new WacoFork T-shirt or other prizes. At the very least, it's free pizza and a  chance to rub shoulders with the hippest crowd in Waco, which we've decided is the case judging from our Twitter followers, Facebook "likes" and registered users.

For more information on the party and to RSVP, go here or see the form below.