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The month in reviews

May 30, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
The month in reviews

In a few days, we will reach two full months of our WacoFork venture. In that time, we've begun to build a solid database of reviews submitted by an aggressive and witty bunch of registered users.

We've even been so impressed by some of our reviewers that we've asked them to guest blog. So note that there's opportunity for advancement here.

As we near 300 reviews, we wanted to take a look back at some of the best from the month of May. Last week, we rated the top 10. This time, we're going about it a little differently as the best of the best fit neatly into four subcategories.

In particular praise of pop

"This place has some of the best Coca-Cola in town! Seriously. It's BYOB, but I'm always ok with a coke here."

"And if you're going to order a Gut Pak, go ahead and indulge yourself in a Dublin Dr Pepper. Vitek's is one of the few restaurants in Waco that serves that particular nectar from heaven."

The devil's in the details

"I've tried a bite of the diablo and that's all I needed. I like to think I can handle spicy food fairly well, but this thing is nuts."

"There are dishes for both fire lovers and the faint of heart. I tend to stick with fajitas, because my tastes are simple and I like veggies to go with my protein bomb. But I love watching friends sweat their way through the Chicken Diablo."

The gospel according to Brett

"To compare them would be like comparing Baylor to Baptists or Hillcrest to a hospital. I digress."

"And to be offered gravy, which is actually meat drippings from the pit, is a blessing in disguise to your lower GI."

"From the moment we walked in it felt like what I imagine the uncool kids feel like walking by the cool table."

A slice of heaven

"Went here for the first time last night and I have to say, I may have found my new pizza and beer place."

"The service may be bad, but thats because the pizza is so good you'll come back anyway!"

"I'm a big fan of deep-dish, ooey-gooey Chicago-style pizza, and I've eaten the real thing at places like Geno's East in Chicago. And trust me, Rosati's serves the real thing. It's the best I've had outside of the Windy City."