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Deane Straussby

Great Date!
A couple of my friends and my fiance' joined me for dinner at this really nice lakefront restaurant. Atmosphere-electric. Live band music-Awesome! Good-wonderful...BIG portions. Love scenery of lake. I loved it! Will return and highly recommend. Its a pretty cool place. I want the band to play at my wedding.

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Seafood Snob Reporting for Duty...
My only complaint is the Slippery Minnow is not open year around.

Other than that, it's fantastic!

One the lake...check.
Cheap christmas lights everywhere...check.
Lake people roaming about...check.
Inebriated females in questionable attire and calf tatoos...check.

It's a perfect spot for people watching and fried food. And if you have a boat, you can show off and drive right up. Unless you have one of those floating mobile homes...but that's for a different discussion.

My favorite...the fried shrimp.

We must all recognize that we are in Central Texas. I grew up on the coast so I'm pickier than others when it comes to seafood. So much so that I cringe when people refer to catfish as seafood. Catfish is lakefood. Which is why it tastes like lake. It's offensive to me and the countless ocean species to refer to a catfish as seafood. Whew, I'm glad we're clear on this now.

Typically, a place like the Slippery Minnow might offer fried shrimp. But the kind that was caught 2 months ago...frozen...and breaded with a thick flavorless breading at some food supply company in the midwest.

But not at the Slippery Minnow. They bread on the spot. And it's perfect in the world of breading thickness. The shrimp are big and the tartar sauce is great.

I highly recommend this place. It's a great change of pace from the norm. And again, who can beat lake people and drunk girls with calf tattoos? If nothing else, that makes it all worth it!

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On Lake Waco.
Sit out on the deck and enjoy the lake view. Have a boat? Drive it right up to the dock. Burger baskets are good as is the catfish.

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