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Which Wich Wins
While I have previously dined at Which Wich before, I was excited to see it come to Waco. For those who have never taken the leap, it can be quite confusing. First pick the type of sandwich you ant and find the corresponding bag. Don't worry. They're labeled pretty well. Then with the provided sharpie fill out what you want and don't ant. I personally enjoy the TBR or Turkey Bacon Ranch to non-Which Wichers. Quite tasty if you ask me. My co-worker loves that she can put avocado on her sandwich for a little extra. Back to the ordering though. Fill in the circle (like you did for those nasty standardized tests in school) or X through them if you must rebel. Add as much or little. Whatever your hearts desire. Fill in your name and hand bag to cashier. Wait until your names called (hopefully they'll pronounce it better than they did mine), and pick up your 'wich' in the same bag you handed them earlier. Now enjoy a yummy sandwich. If you get bored before ordering, lots of people decorate their sandwich bag.

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