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Good menu, Good entrees, sides a bit average
Solid entry that took months to open, which is possibly the biggest issue for it to overcome now, other than so many mexican dining options.

I found their pricing to be very good for the entree quality.
Willing, and able to deliver on a modified menu entry, combining the spicy sauce off their Diablas Fajitas on the Bistec Ranchero.

The beans and rice could use a bit more love of spice, even possibly some salt. The cheese and salsa were free so I can't complain about the cheese being plain and not a con queso. Salsa was ok, but nothing exceptional.

However when it came to the entree, it was wonderful, the best ranchero I have eaten in Waco. During my salsa tasting spree I had multiple samplings of Ranchero none of them meeting my expectations, many of them too dry, and some having large amounts of chili powder.

I did not go for any dessert or drinks, but they had some cheap Margaritas. The bistec ranchero was $8.99 and I got a togo order for the con queso nachos(6.99). My employee that ate the nacho's was surprised that they had a bit what you may call fajita ends, not ground beef, a good surprise, and they did a good job of making the pico, beans, and sour cream in separate containers to prevent getting soggy. He said it could have used some cheese on the top, as it was all on the bottom.

Overall summary: Good main dish portions of the food, close to my work many days of the week, will return.

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