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Our Lunch Outing of Choice
As 12:00pm rolls around and our stomachs start grumbling, we will occasionally have someone step up and say "I want to go out for lunch today". The next comment is almost always followed by laughs from our small group: "El Con?". The restaurant we have so deemed El Con is the fabulous restaurant El Conquistador No. 1 on Waco drive. When we pop in for lunch we usually choose from two plates; the Don Maria or the special of the day. Taco Rico's and enchilada dinners...the special can never go wrong. The salsa is the absolute best in town and if you want a little extra spice ask for the "green sauce". In summary, if you want some top notch Mexican food here in Waco or just really crave the best chips and salsa in town, try El Con!

I had high hopes.....
.... and I wasn't disappointed with it. The queso was pretty good the first time I visited and the rest of the meal was pretty standard tex-mex. This past week, however, my friends and I received wonderful service from a waitress whose name is escaping me right now. She wonderfully refilled our drinks and kept the salsa/chips filled. While I tend to pride myself on being able to handle majority of hot and spicy items, I find their salsa to be on the spicy side. It appears fresh but too hot for me to really enjoy it. Also, the quesadillas looked more like tacos since they were folded over rather than one tortilla on top of the other. And the chicken was a little dry and I was sad they skimped on the cheese.

Some say their cook is Speedy Gonzales himself.
El Con's food is nothing special, really--just your average Tex-Mex fare you'd find in any town in Texas. It's not overly bland or overly greasy, thus avoiding the two deadly sins of Tex-Mex, but I'd be lying if I said it was a stand out in any way.

Where they set themselves apart from everywhere else in town, though, is with the speed at which they operate. My glass is never empty here, nor do I ever seem to run out of chips and salsa. Dinner arrives at my table at ludicrous speed, as if the waiter goes to plaid on the way.

The dining room is clean and a noticeable improvement from the dark place lit by yellow 70stacular fixtures that they used had when I was a kid.

If you're short on time, this is the place. It's funny how something as simple as keeping my glass full can make a place stand out, but it does.

Since I was a kid, I always remember eating at El Conquistador with my family. The food is great, service is fast and friendly, and I feel it is much better than any chain Mexican place.

Drink specials are great and their margarita's are the best in Waco. Be careful going on Friday nights because it can get packed but the wait is never that bad.

Friendly, Fast & Fabulous
I've been eating here at least four times a week for several years and here's why: "El Con" has always-fresh crisp vegetables, perfect thick chips and the tastiest hot sauce in town. Their staff is quick, competent, and attentive and are always friendly and welcoming. Prices are easy on the wallet. Favorites? Bean chalupas, guacamole, and the cheese enchilada plate with charro beans. I'm vegetarian, but the expression on the meat-eaters' faces is enough to tell that's good, too. For my money, this is the #1 Mexican restaurant in Waco.

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