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Plenty of other good places to eat
So I recently ate here. When I first walked in all the employees looked at me and then looked around at each other wondering who was gonna wait on me. They were more worried about stocking ketchup and cups than about waiting on a customer. So after I finally got to order, I noticed the tables hadn't been cleaned very well after previous customers. Like the review before said, plan on waiting a bit. While I was waiting I had to deal with a large group of loud obnoxious college boys who decided to stand and huddle up next to the fountain machine and talk, loudly. Let me tell you that Baylor students show little respect to others while in a place of business. But aside from all that I was just ready to get my food and leave. But as I get home and check my food I realized I should've checked my order before leaving. The girl who took my order screwed it all up, and whoever put my order together forgot to give me one of the items that the cashier/clerk actually got right. So overall I would say avoid this place because there are plenty other Whataburgers in Waco to eat at.

Convenient, but the wait often sucks
What can I say? It's a Whataburger. It's spectacular among fast food joints and one of the reasons why states that are not Texas are full of fail. It's always open.

But for the love of all things green, gold and inebriated, bring a book, an iPod or something if you attempt to use the drive-thru here after last call. Your butt will inevitably go numb before you can even pull up to pay.

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