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Enabling my sweet potato fry addiction
My favorite sandwich on the menu is the avocado chicken club, grilled, hold the mayo. (I don't care for mayo, regardless, but this sandwich also has ranch, so it is perfect sans mayo.) The chicken is smashed in a similar manner as the burgers, which means that it is thin, tender, and juicy. Some chicken sandwiches are too bulky to eat civilized, but this one is just right.

My second favorite sandwich is the black bean burger. This sandwich is not for sissies! This baby packs a punch, and it's a delightfully spicy shift from the other run-of-the-mill, blah veggie burgers.

Last but definitely not least are the sweet potato Smash fries. They are sliced shoestring-style, drizzled with olive oil and rosemary, and fried to crispy-tender perfection like the regular potato Smash fries, but they are even more amazing. Take my word for it, and if you don't like them, I'll gladly finish them off for you. :)

Very Good
I thought the burger was excellent. The shake was the best part of my meal, I got chocolate. The service was great. Simply put, go eat here.

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So. Good.
Tried to think of a more clever title for this review, but couldn't find better words to describe my experience at Smashburger other than so stinkin' good.

Thanks to some twitter antics, I won a prized ticket to the WacoFork Smashburger preview 2 days before its official opening, where we sampled almost everything on their menu. Having never eaten at a Smashburger before, I was excited for the opportunity to try something new but didn't have too many set expectations in mind.

Literally everything I tasted was excellent. Even the plain 'ole hamburger was delicious, but by the end of the tasting, their specialty burgers made even that seem just alright. And - they don't just do burgers, they have a variety of chicken sandwich options and an AMAZING black bean veggie burger that has some great kick!

The smash fries are an absolute must - the perfect amount (just a hint, really) of rosemary on top of the thin, crispy mound of potatoes is really the type of unique, non-mass-produced flavor you would expect from a "local" burger joint - minus the grease.

I've already been back several times and yet to be disappointed. The only downside right now is that it's SO popular and new, it's a bit crowded and you sometimes have to hover over people lingering at their tables to move along so you can nab their spot (guilty).

My favorites (so far):
- Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger (truffle is definitely an acquired taste, but I happen to love it and can't find anywhere else in Waco to satisfy that craving, until now!)
- Spicy Veggie Black Bean Burger (get it with the fried jalapenos if you really like some heat)
- Avocado Club Chicken Sandwich (tasty chicken, bacon, avocado and ranch??? duh!)

One of the best burgers in Waco
My wife and I attended the WacoFork preview night and the food and service were both amazing. We had been to a Smashburger in Houston and are glad there is finally one in Waco. My personal favorite was the BBQ burger and my wife's was the classic smash. The smash fries are my side of choice and the only acceptable way to finish a meal is with a shake, I choose Oreo! Wonderful restaurant, excellent service. We enjoyed it so much we have already been back since the official opening.

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