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Once is enough
Recently became aware of this place through a mailing. Since it was started by someone with long time local success, assumed it would be worth a try. Arrived at the dinner hour on Tuesday evening and there was hardly anyone there. Had hoped for live music but was subjected to country music over the sound system. There were a number of patrons outside who appeared to be drinking and smoking but little dining. The menu was very diverse and interesting. I tried to order two different draft beers to enjoy with my meal and they were either discontinued or "out". Out of 5 or 6 draft options, that was disappointing. We ordered a "smashed" avocado appetizer. We received a dish with what looked like 1/2 of an avocado that had been mixed with some pico de gallo and ringed with chips for $7.99. My wife ordered the chicken fajitas and I ordered fish and chips. Keep in mind the founder has extensive experience in preparing and selling fajitas and great Mexican food. These did not taste like any fajitas either of us had ever eaten. They tasted like oregano, were dry and completely unappetizing. The beans were tasty and the spanish rice was stale and bland. My fish and chips were also disappointing. The fish was bland and the coating greasy. I had to request ketchup for the chips. The serving of chipotle tartar sauce was about the size of a thimble. The waiter recognized that immediately and brought a more adequate amount. The cole slaw was fresh and tasty. I did not eat half of this dish. To repeat, I did not eat half of my dish. Anyone that knows me, will affirm that I never leave an empty plate unless ill or completely dissatisfied with a meal. Did we complain? No. Devin, our waiter was very nice, prompt and I am sure would have made an effort in that regard. However, considering the dearth of patrons, I felt this was a learning lesson for us and he should not be penalized for the poor execution of the kitchen. If you want large portions of bland, overpriced food, this is the place to go. Otherwise, walk 100 feet to George's and have a much more satisfying experience.

Not many low-carb options
I went with a large group and sat in the enclosed area (used to be the bar when it was La Fiesta). Other than the fajita salad, there were very few low-carb options on the menu. A few entrees looked promising, but they all came with corn or mashed potatoes. I opted for a cup of soup (cream of asparagus - it was tasty, just not a great choice for my eating plan) and an order of pesto deviled eggs from the appetizer menu. The deviled eggs were scrumptious, but I would have liked a heartier option available.

Service was decent but not great. The waiter refilled beverages pretty quickly but did not remove the empties, so the table was cluttered with glassware.

All in all, I'm not in a hurry to go back. For the price and the types of food that I eat, I can find better options elsewhere.

Aspiring potential but couldn't quite come through.
Went with some friends this weekend to try out the new Cantina Texas. The best thing I would have to say is the atmosphere. It has a very cool Texas Hill Country kind of feel to it and the bar area is very neat. The service was good. The menu has a lot of unique things that I think a lot of thought went into BUT I'm not sure anyone is tasting the dishes after they are actually prepared. We got the chunky queso as an appetizer and it was pretty good except that the "chunky" just happened to be a couple of big 'ol pieces of pork fat.I had goat cheese enchiladas with grilled vegetables and black beans. The enchiladas apparently had way too much sour cream (and I love sour cream) in them because they were SOUR! Grilled veggies were good, black beans eh. My friend got the tamarillo chicken street tacos. Again, sounded really good but totally lacked in flavor. Two others got the chicken fried steak and I'll say this, it was HUGE! Lots of crust and pretty good. The mashed potatoes were good if you like the ones with "peelings" in them. But all in all came out feeling not quite so comforted by the supposed Texas comfort food restaurant. Should have gone to Taquerio #9!

Don't Waste Your Time
Complete waste of our time. We went on Saturday before any "crowd" showed up. We have 2 small children, and one of our girls is allergic to milk. Their kid's menu is terrible--there are no options without cheese or cream, other than a burger. Not even chicken fingers? Come on!

To top it off, the service was terrible. We must have sat there for at least 10 minutes before we even had someone come over to get our drink order because our waiter was busy visiting with his buddy, I guess. When we inquired about options without cheese for kids, he suggested the chicken quesadillas off of the appetizer menu, which he then charged us full price for. Thanks for nothing.

About half way through the meal, a larger party came in and they moved a bunch of tables together to the point where I couldn't even scoot my chair back without bumping into another diner. Ridiculous.

We won't be back.

Another Freezer to Fryer Restaurant in Waco
Nothing infuriates me more than another freezer to fryer (or in my case canned to plate) restaurant claiming to use fresh local ingredients. What seemed to be an impressive menu of quail and bison that we couldn't order because according to the waiter was "eighty-sixed" was a quick disappointment when I was served canned chicken and dumplings. The shredded chicken was obviously canned and tasted it and the "jalapeno dumplings were lacking any flavor and tasted like gummy paste. I couldn't finish. I was thankful I ordered sauteed vegetables as a side. They were good and cooked well but it didn't have much vegetable variety as it was just a plate of carrots and onions.

My husbands meal was a pre-made beef patty that was drier than sawdust and the frozen fries were STILL FROZEN and over salted. This is also not a place for anyone looking for a beer other than the usual Miller Lite and Corona.

There's nothing wrong with a "premade food freezer to frier" place if that is what you desire but Cantina Texas is just claiming fraud with it's menu. I'm saddened every time Waco thinks they have come up with a new fresh upscale restaurant only to be tricked by another restaurant pulling the wool over our eyes and ordering off the pre-made Sysco truck. The menu states they use local ingedients but from what I saw "local" must have meant from the local warehouse.

If you like premade food that is bought from a distributer than cooked and fried this place is for you. But if you are yearning for a real chef and menu that knows that there is pride and achievement in cooking from scratch don't come here! The soundtrack of Beyonce and Mariah Carey should have been a warning. Sorry Waco you failed real food again.

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