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In a word: adorable!
I have a bad habit of forgetting about Simply Good, even though it tempts me every time I'm shopping there. It never fails: I'll see something that looks super tasty on the specials board and promptly forget that Simply Good exists when I go to lunch.

Whenever I have remembered that SG is there, it's been pleasant. The small space means that it never gets too loud, making it a great spot to meet friends for lunch. The dishes range from comfort food like pimiento cheese sandwiches and grilled cheese to more creative deli fare, like paninis and wraps with many, many ingredients. The soups and salads are delicious and just the right size for a midday snack. It's hard to beat the $5 lunch specials for good, cheap eats, too.

Furthermore, just...look at it. It's such a bright and cheerful spot. Everything about Simply Good's corner of the shops is just happy.

I just wish they were open at dinner! I might remember them for dinnertime instead of lunch the next day.

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