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Plenty of low-carb choices
Breakfast is served all day, and the menus feature a whole section devoted to low-carb choices. Score! The gift shop is a bit of a maze to work your way through, but the restaurant service was very prompt & staff was very attentive.

Your average chain
Every time I come to visit my mom, she wants to go to Cracker Barrel, while I'd rather not eat at a chain restaurant. Cracker Barrel is ok. It does offer plenty of choices on its varied menu. The service is good. The decor and atmosphere is chain-like. There are plenty of great one-of-a-kind cafes and restaurants in Texas. That's where I would rather put my money.

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It's a mass-produced tourist trap!
I used to love Cracker Barrel as a kid. They had games on the table so you wouldn't get bored waiting on your food. There was a store full of all kinds of knick-knacks and other treats. The food wasn't yucky. 'k.

Maybe the novelty's worn off, or I've found so many other places that I like that it seems a bit strange to go to a Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It's fairly decent home cooking in a cutesy country store atmosphere, but it's the exact same cutesy country store with decent home cooking as the Cracker Barrels in a bunch of other towns. Perhaps it was the realization that there are more of these roadside stuff-and-food stands and that Waco isn't special for having one that did Cracker Barrel in for me.

Either way, the food isn't bad, or if you're in the market for a cutesy tourist-oriented knick-knack, the store is great for that. I'm a little irked that they don't have sausage links to go with their breakfasts, but that's about all I have as a complaint. (Come on, links are far superior to patties in every way...but that's another rant.)

Cracker Barrel is always inexplicably busy, though, and the wait time for my food seems to justify leaving games on the table to ward off patrons' boredom.

Even though I don't have any major complaints about Cracker Barrel's eats, I always get the feeling that I should be eating at George's or Harold Waite's, both of which make a far superior down-home breakfast. You know, those places I can't find outside of Waco.

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