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Slow/Bad Service - Bland food
This is a local company and I hate to not visit, but I am not sure I will be back. I got eggs benedict, which I recently had from the new Egg and I as well, for a direct comparison. The poached eggs were entirely too cooked, the yolk was solid, and they were in a former and not just poached in water like they should have been, you could not even see the yolk so I guess it is no surprise that it was over cooked.
The english muffin was fully tasteless, and very very hard to cut. The hollandaise was properly made, but no flavor of any sort, so in essence totally wasted fat and calorie. I did not eat a pancake but was told by one that did that it was very plain and no flavor as well.
Service I don't really like to mention often as it can vary but it seems to be a theme at this company as I see from other reviews, got pasta bowl instead of fruit bowl on one entree, and when asked about it we got a fruit bowl, that was charged to us as a side. I got the unlimited coffee but no one ever came by to give a refill of any drinks much less the coffee.

Unless you just have to have a waffle or some pancakes, the Egg and I is a much better choice.

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