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Souper Salad used to be one of my favorite places to eat.

My last visit (a few days ago) left alot to be desired.

Upon first walking in there was no one at the cash register. We waited several minutes before someone came to help us. In all that time there was no-one serving drinks or anything in the restaurant.

We got our food and waited for someone to get our drinks. Still no-one was in the restaurant serving anyone.

I asked the cashier to find us someone. She said she would. Still we waited and waited some more. I saw someone go to the other side of the building and had to chase him down to ask for our drinks.

He had an attitude. He came over and informed me he would help us "in a minute". He went back to the kitchen and didn't return for awhile.

Finally he came to get our drinks and took his time bringing them back to us.

That wasn't the worst of it, the food was tasteless. Nothing had a taste. The salad greens were all limp. The toppings were totally without taste. Even the tuna macaroni salad which is normally amazing was tasteless.

The baked potatoes were tiny (and tasteless).

I was NOT impressed by the service (or rather LACK OF service) nor the food and will not be returning to eat there for a long time to come.

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