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Great BBQ
This is my place of choice when it comes to BBQ. Always have gotten excellent food. The moist brisket is my favorite. The atmosphere is great.

Excellent low-carb options!
Rudy's pulled pork has only 1 gram of carbs per serving and makes a terrific low-carb lunch option, coupled with a block of cheese and pickles. They also have terrific breakfast tacos, which you can easily de-carb by axing the tortilla.

Food is great
I've never had a bad experience at Rudy's.

Everytime I'm there I absolutely love my food. The sweet tea is good -
Dublin Dr. Pepper on Tap = Gold.

Favorite item: Pulled Pork Sandwich

A Texas staple. It's hard to go wrong with Rudy's.
In spite of being a chain, Rudy's produces some of the best and most consistent bbq in the state.

They tend to use only a salt and pepper rub before smoking their meats. The end results are a great balance between the natural flavors of the meat and a little bit of spice from the pepper.

My personal favorites are the extra moist brisket (with all the black rub and fat still on it) and the babyback ribs. The sausage is also good, and quite surprisingly, I even like their turkey.

The only things I don't like are the pork ribs. They are much larger than the baby back ribs and have more meat, but they are not as flavorful.

Expect the usual bbq sides: potato salad, bean salad, creamed corn, and more.

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