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Best Bar in Waco
This isn't even a contest. Hemingway's > *. Fact.

I can't think of anywhere that has such a wide variety of potable potables, a friendly atmosphere and the smoking section outside so I don't end up reeking of everyone else's cigarettes.

The beer list is fairly extensive. They have a great variety of good liquor, be it scotch, gin, bourbon or something a bit different like pisco or absinthe.

The regulars are wonderful. The atmosphere is very relaxed in the afternoon, making it the ideal place to relax for happy hour over some tacos from Las Trancas down the street. It's hard not to feel welcome when you walk in the door. Things get a lot livelier later at night, which is a blast. Occasionally, they'll have live music or parties. Even then, though, you won't find a friendlier bunch than the regulars who populate this place.

Most importantly, the bartenders know what they're doing. Outside of a few standbys, I like to try a little bit of everything. Everyone behind the counter has been extremely helpful in guiding me towards things to try that I'd probably like. Furthermore, Hemingway's gets new things to try fairly regularly, which pleases my persistent drink ADD.

My advice? If it's kind of a slow day and Nikki's working, bring in some fresh mint leaves from HEB. She makes the best mojitos on the planet.

I can't say enough awesome things about this place. This is perhaps Waco's best kept secret, tucked neatly away from the "woooo! college!" set around Baylor and downtown.

Go to Hemingway's. It is fantastic.

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