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Something's gone wrong
My husband and I enjoyed Chili's on a regular basis. A weeknight favorite was splitting their version of the Philly Cheese Steak. Half a sandwich and half an order of fries was plenty for each of us during the week.

They've recently revamped their menu, leaving hard-core standards alone. The ribs and burgers are still awesome and a safe bet.

However, the "new" Cheese Steak is made with some sort of Cheese Whiz type product. Not acceptable for real cheese lovers. Avoid this item and hopefully they will revert to the original sandwich that was pretty good.

The Herb & Garlic Salmon was a huge disappointment at $14. Over cooked and dry salmon with absolutely no garlic or herbs in site. The rice side dish was even more disappointing. Over cooked mushy rice with absolutely no flavor what-so-ever.

If we continue to visit Chili's we will definitely stick with the tried and true burgers and ribs and leave the experimenting with new flavors for other restaurants.

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