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No time is a bad time for kolaches.
You know somewhere is a landmark when you mention that you went to college in Waco and they ask if you've stopped at the Czech Stop for kolaches. People I didn't even meet in Waco who never even lived here have told me that they stopped there for delicious snacks. How they found out about it is beyond me, but perhaps there's something about the cutesy building or the need to fill the car up with gas that lures people off I-35.

The Czech Stop's best attribute, of course, is the fact that they're open 24/7. Sometimes they run out of certain kolaches at night, but there's so many tasty options there that it doesn't even matter. The dough used for the kolaches and klobasniks is fluffy and perfect. If you're feeling adventurous, try the fabulously sweet poppyseed kolaches, or perhaps the cottage cheese ones that will make you think twice about writing off cottage cheese as grody white blobs in a tub. The pumpkin cream cheese kolaches had a filling like pumpkin pie which was somehow made better with the dollop of cream cheese on top.

All of the other eats are fabulous as well. Their knock-off version of Red Lobster's fluffy cheddar garlic biscuits are so good that there's no need to ever step foot in a Red Lobster ever again. Their summer sausages and beer bread are fantastic. Most importantly, they have comfort food like pimiento cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs right behind the counter. The sandwiches are piled high with filling, almost making their pimiento cheese an improvement over the ones Mom used to make.

So, skip the Taco C or Subway at 4 AM and head up here. Seriously, I went here so often late at night that it still feels weird to come here in the daytime. When I do, though, I notice that they've got line management down to a science. Czech Stop uses a far better application of the assembly line than Henry Ford could have ever imagined. The line during certain times of the day may look intimidating, but the counter staff goes through everyone's orders so quickly and efficiently that it's hardly an issue.

Welcome to Texas's best Czech food!
When I first moved to Texas, I couldn't understand why everyone I met told me I needed to go to the "Check Bakery." When I finally realized they meant the Czech Bakery, well, I had to czech it out. I've only bought kolaches (ah-maze-ing) and banana bread (better than homemade, I swear), but I've loved every bite of it.

Best in Texas!!!...NUFF SAID!!!!!

Kolache Perfection
I drove to Dallas 3 to 5 days a week for the first 4 years that I lived in Waco. The Czech Stop bakery was a very, very frequent stop for me and I love the kolaches that they make.

I've tried other kolache place in town and around the area, and none of them come close to the Czech Stop, in my opinion. The sausage & cheese, the ham & cheese, the fruit and cream cheese; they are all top notch. This is easily my favorite place for kolaches and related pastries.

It's too bad I live on the south end of Waco and I don't drive through West anymore... I miss my sausage and cheese kolaches.

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