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Hello from St Andrews, Scotland

August 5, 2011 | Chad Conine | Profiles
Hello from St Andrews, Scotland

I'm currently sitting in the world's best golf pub, which is located in St Andrews, Scotland, and has become my home away from home.

The Dunvegan Hotel, that is.

It's a place where hundreds upon hundreds of golfers from around the world, particularly Americans, cycle through every summer. It's a place that has served food and/or drink to Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Arnold Palmer, Tom Lehman, Jim Nantz … you name the golfer or golf-related personality and there's a pretty good chance they been here.

I don't fit in that category, obviously. But I am a regular here by virtue of persistence. This was essentially my home for most of 2010, a time when I wrote for, worked on a book, played golf, ate cheeseburgers and annoyed the bartenders and waitresses.

I got lucky, really. I made quite a few friends and that's why I'm back here now. Earlier today I played golf with my friend Jamie Moore of Northern Ireland at a place called The New Course, which opened for play in 1895. We were joined by a Canadian gentleman called Kerry. It was a sunny 59 degrees without too much wind. I don't want to divulge my score as it was not very good. But we had fun.

So, yeah, I'm on vacation this week, or as they would say here, I'm on holiday. But I haven't forgotten about my WacoFork friends. That's why I'm taking time to drop you a postcard of sorts.

And since this is a food blog, I'll just tell you that The Dunvegan is a darn fine place to have a pint with a friend, or a pour of fine Scotch, or if you're treating yourself a Dunvegan filet (pronounced "fill-it." The Dunvegan filet is a portion of fine beef (this from the grandson of a cattle rancher, so I think it's trustworthy) covered with cheese and jalapenos.

The Dunvegan Hotel is located just about 100 yards from The Old Course in St Andrews. Interestingly, it's half Texan-owned. Jack Willoughby was born and raised in Liberty, Texas. His wife, Sheena Willoughby, is Scottish. So their logo is a golf ball that's half American flag and half Scottish flag.

That's all now. It's time to have a beer with my friend Lindsay Allen.