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Hippodrome: New Dinner Menu brings the Bacon

March 15, 2016 | Stephen | Around Town
Hippodrome: New Dinner Menu brings the Bacon

Last week the Hippodrome held a premiere event for their very own launch of a new upscale dinner menu to be available in the restaurant dining section of the Hippodrome. We had been invited the week before and were excited to try a tasting and were not disappointed in the least.

The new menu is heavy on bacon at a glance, and while prominent in the flavor it is not by any means overwhelming to the taste, a welcome concept with great balance. The tastings for the night consisted of the following:

  • Bacon Lollipops
  • Shrimp and grits fritter with Bacon aioli
  • Mini South Texas shrimp cocktail
  • Bear Wings with Firecracker Ranch
  • Mini Captain Crunch Sandwiches with bacon slaw and horseradish sweet pickles
  • Duck Confit Sliders
  • Mini Shrimp avocado
  • Red onion seasonal Citrus
  • Mixed Greens with White Vinaigrette
  • 50/50 Sliders
  • Beef Short ribs with buttermilk mashed potato and Seasonal Greens
  • Smoked Chicken with warm gold potato salad bacon slaw

While I think I may have missed and item or two on the tastings, they were enjoyable and all a move upscale and toward a new direction for the Hippodrome's restaurant dining options. Our table of four liked most everything, but everyone really raved about the smoked chicken and warm golden potato with bacon slaw. It was the clear favorite among our table with no clear unanimous second, each having our own preference. The menu soft launched last Friday evening and should be available soon, I'll be setting aside a night this week to go back
and highly recommend you to give it a try! Chef Elizabeth and the GM have been working hard to bring a new dining experience to Waco. There is an accompanying change in the bar menu with new signature drinks and an old school back to the roots theme that meshes well with the historic nature of the building that is the Hippodrome. 

Some have asked, "Does this replace the theater dining menu?" The answer is no, it does not. These new menu items will be on the dining room menu. Some pictures below, keep in mind these were tasting sized portions, not served as a complete meal. 

Bacon Lollipop
Bacon Lollipops

Shrimp and Grits Fritter
Shrimp and Grits Fritter

Smoked Chicken with Warm Golden potato and bacon slaw
smoked chicken and bacon slaw

Seasonal Citrus, Mixed Greens, Shrimp and Avocado

50/50 Slider (Beef and Bacon), More Smoked chicken with golden potato and bacon slaw
50/50 Slider

More images, blurry and all, can be found at the album link: Hippodrome New Dinner Menu