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TSTC Waco Culinary Arts Lunches Wed&Fri

February 16, 2016 | Stephen | Around Town
TSTC Waco Culinary Arts Lunches Wed&Fri
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TSTC Let us know last week that they are starting their lunch service training program. I ventured up to the TSTC Waco Campus Culinary Arts center at Campus Drive and 8th Street to explore this weeks theme of West Coast USA cuisine. Each week has a new theme and the students in the program rotate around to cover all duties. While most are studying for back of the house (sous chef/line cook/Food Service Manager) with this program they get to experience and know how the front of house wait staff and servers deal with the customers. This helps them in the long term to know the front end staff concerns and problem resolution techniques and how they need to keep them informed and supplied from the kitchen.

Their upcoming schedule looks rather diverse and I'm sure anyone can find a theme they would enjoy in the coming weeks.


While today's menu and pictures won't be available again, it can give you are great idea of the quality and pricing to expect. The pricing is among the best you can find in Waco, or really anywhere, for the quality of food provided.

Menu for the Week:


Yucca Chips and Salsa:

Yuca and Salsa

Califlower and Cashew Soup with crispy buckwheat

Califlower and Cashew Soup with crispy buckwheat

Entree - Peruvian Shrimp Ceviche

Entree - Peruvian Shrimp Ceviche

Almond Cake, with Chocolate Mousse and Strawberries with Rosemary Syrup

Almond Cake, with Chocolte Mousse and Strawberries with Rosemary Syrup

If you have a free Wednesday or Friday for lunch before the end of the school year, TSTC Waco Culinary Arts program is awaiting to provide you a high quality lunch in a nice setting with great pricing.

More pictures from the visit can be found on this Album