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Taqueria El Crucero expands on the Oso

July 28, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Taqueria El Crucero expands on the Oso

Oh goodness, I've developed a habit of craving the Oso items on Taqueria El Crucero's menu.

As habits go this one is pretty safe. The green sauce packs a pretty good punch, but its nothing a splash of Coke won't settle.

Some of our users have experienced the Oso burrito. In fact, one of the first people to jump on board with WacoFork and begin writing reviews told me about the Oso. He insisted I show up at El Crucero and order an Oso with green sauce. It took some time, but I eventually took his suggestion and I'm glad I did.

Today I went for the Oso good enchiladas. The Oso items are actually a tribute to the Baylor students who frequent El Crucero by restaurant proprietor Jesus Betancourt. I had my choice of pork, beef or chicken Oso enchiladas, so I chose beef.

The picture accompanying this blog features the Oso burrito. Visualize three smaller versions of this, but with ground beef on the inside and joined on the plate by Mexican rice and refried beans covered with shredded cheese.

If you haven't had an Oso burrito or Oso good enchiladas, do yourself a favor and try one. El Crucero is located just off the famous traffic circle, about half a mile toward Robinson. Betancourt will be open for business the rest of this week and until Friday next week. After a week's vacation, he and his family will be back serving delicious Mexican food in mid-August.

We'll have a meet up there sometime in August, so be on the look out for that and please join us.