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Breakfast at Lolita's: eating the elephant

July 19, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Breakfast at Lolita's: eating the elephant

Good call, Sparklefart, whoever you are.

In response to my query of Monday, Sparklefart responded by suggesting I try Lolita's breakfast and specifically endorsed the elefante burrito. Though I attempted to acquire Sparklefart's true identity, I was unable to do so. I don't even know if Sparklefart is a man or woman. But I trusted the recommendation anyway and indeed this morning consumed an elefante burrito at Lolita's.

Of course, there were other contributing factors. Mainly that Lolita's is in my neighborhood and I've eaten there before and I know it to be a solid Mexican food restaurant.

The elefante certainly didn't disappoint.

However, the breakfast burrito is about as safe a breakfast item as I can think of. It's hard to mess it up isn't it? I mean, I can scramble eggs and grill sausage and roll them up in a tortilla. If I was going to make breakfast for someone, I would go with the breakfast burrito as it's easy to imagine how I could make a mess of pancakes or waffles, obviously quiche would be a disaster, and I think I would even be severely challenged by attempting to fry eggs to any specification.

Once upon a time on a  ski trip, my dad attempted to fry some bacon for breakfast. Only he primed the pan with butter and then added the bacon, which resulted in the filling up of the cabin with bacon smoke. That day, whenever I smelled bacon on the ski slopes, I knew one of my sisters was nearby. This is the kind of culinary legacy I tend to follow.

Understand that I am in no way meaning to disparage the breakfast burrito at Lolita's. All I'm saying is that a breakfast burrito has to be pretty special to keep me from skipping breakfast, apart from possibly adding a pastry to my usual coffee routine.

I think I must want pancakes. I think I must be in search of Waco's premiere pancake. As such, I intend to dine at Cafe Homestead on Saturday morning and eat what I believe to be the best pancake in town. If anyone knows of a pancake that could rival it, please let me know and I will eat one of those pancakes before Saturday for the sake of comparison.

Does McDonald's still make a delicious hotcake?