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Hewitt George's pushes forward with new, experimental menu items

July 14, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Hewitt George's pushes forward with new, experimental menu items

It seems to me when I mention Waco to new friends in other Texas cities one of the first points of reference for them is George's.

Certainly when people come in to Waco, whether they're returning Baylor students or first time tourists, they make drinking a Big O at George's one of, if not the top priority.

Why is this? Is it because of the Pat Green album "George's Bar"? Perhaps partially. But probably because George's long since carved out its place in Waco and has since transcended the local diner and achieved legendary status.

When people think about George's, they probably think of chicken fried steak and a Big 0 of beer. The seasoned professionals might think of crazy wings. For sure, George's has been pleasing customers with those items for a while.

I learned something on Wednesday night, though, while dining at the new-ish Hewitt George's. Kyle Citrano introduced a bevy of new menu items, including crazy wing pizza, barbecue brisket pizza and crazy wing tacos. Citrano told me that the George's strategy is to experiment with new menu items at the Hewitt George's and if they hit, they take them to the mothership George's on Speight.

If my dinner on Wednesday was an indication, the crazy wing tacos are destined to be called up soon. They were mighty tasty, what with chopped up crazy wings served with pico, drizzled with queso and resting on a fresh flour tortilla.

Cory chose the barbecue brisket pizza and gave a thumbs-up report. Cory has a chicken aversion that goes back to our childhood, so he especially appreciated being able to order barbecue beef pizza. Years of having to pass up barbecue chicken pizza, which is much more common, left him feeling a little marginalized.

I wonder if Pat Green will soon be singing songs about singing songs about barbecue brisket pizza and crazy wing tacos? Probably not. But they're good.