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Doubling down at Bill & Bob's

July 12, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Doubling down at Bill & Bob's

Double-double times two, times two.

Somehow lunch today with my usual Tuesday summertime lunch bunch spiraled out of control to the point where a burger-eating challenge entered the picture.

Mr. Jose Zuniga began pondering the possibility of consuming a second double-double burger at Bill & Bob's. At that point, Mr. Toph Whisnant claimed that he would tackle another double-double if Zuniga wasn't man enough to re-up.

So Zuniga walked back to the counter and ordered another double-double for himself and for Whisnant. Both with bacon. If you're scoring at home, that's four double-doubles, three with bacon.

The photograph accompanying this blog was taken just before the first bite of the second burger for each gentleman. In the end, though, only one was man enough to finish both double-doubles. However, in Whisnant's defense, he had bacon on the first and second burger, so the fact that he left probably two bites of burger in his basket might in fact represent the extra portion of bacon he ate on the first burger. And Zuniga put the second burger in front of Whisnant, who might have been bluffing about his ability to throw down a second double-double.

Judge for yourself.

After lunch, I took the opportunity to chat with Bob Waller, one of the founding brothers of Bill & Bob's. His brother Bill, he said, has moved to Hubbard and opened a restaurant of another name there.

Bill and I reminisced about the days when there were eight Bill & Bob's restaurants around Waco, including the one next door to Lion's Park.

He laughed when he thought about the Lion's Park location, which was situated next to a large, popular public pool. He said teenagers would come to work for him, wanting to man the window that opened up to the pool. But after two hours of constantly serving customers at the window, that same teenager would begin to wander back toward the restaurant's other counter. He said adults hated working the swimming pool window and he had to keep an eye on teenagers working the pool window or he would come in two or three hundred dollars low that day.

Can't you just almost time travel back to those days though. Swimming at a public pool or a country club pool or the health club pool. Seemed like the whole town was either in the water or sunbathing beside it or watching from the shade. The smell of burgers on the grill wafted over everything.

Does this still happen somewhere? It must, but I don't feel like I've been there in a long time.