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Mavs win! The Dancing Bear goes wild!

June 3, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Mavs win! The Dancing Bear goes wild!

It's Friday morning and I'm still reveling in the little Mavs comeback win over the Miami Heat on Thursday night.

At about 10:15 last night I was practically crying in my beer as I sat at the bar at The Dancing Bear. The Mavs were down 15 point and I was alternating between mouthing off about why I don't like LeBron James and trying not to think about the fact that the Mavs ship was sinking fast.

But then Dallas' Jason Terry made a couple of shots and Jason Kidd made a key 3-pointer to set up and even bigger Dirk Nowitzki 3-pointer.

This is the great thing about watching the game at the pub along with a lot of friends who are also watching and pulling hard for the Mavs. When Dirk hit a 3-pointer to put the Mavs up 3 points with 26 seconds left, I screamed like a raving mad man. But no one looked at me funny. I assume because many people were screaming at the same time as me. I didn't really notice. I was kind of caught up in the moment. Following my Tarzan impression, high fives were exchanged.

A few minutes later, Dirk went to his left, put home the winning layup and Dwyane Wade's desperation shot missed wide. More screaming. More high fives.

I repeat, that's the great thing about watching big games at a nice, friendly pub. Watching sports at The Dancing Bear feels to me like watching in my living room, only I don't have to clean up after everyone leaves.