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Riding home with Bangkok Royal in tow

May 25, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Riding home with Bangkok Royal in tow

Ideally, this blog will be about what's going on at Waco restaurants. So far it's mostly been successful in that goal.

Ideally, it won't be me writing about where I happened to pick up dinner.

But today, that's sort of what it's about. I picked up yellow curry at Bangkok Royal for dinner this evening. This was the first time I ever picked up food at Bangkok Royal as I had previously only dined in the dining room.

The yellow curry came home in a plastic container that held the curry sauce, chicken, potatoes and vegetables and a box that held the rice. This possibly made it even better than the yellow curry in the dining room because the potatoes had time during the ride home to sit in the hot curry sauce and become saturated and softened.

Once at home, I took out a bowl — so it counts as a home-cooked meal — mixed the rice along with the contents of the cylindrical container and scarfed a delicious dinner.

Bangkok Royal is a good example of a restaurant that's getting a good cross section of reviews by you so far in our WacoFork venture. The Thai food joint is rocking 4.63 stars and has been reviewed three times.

"I was taken here when I was interviewing for a job at Baylor," said jtsang in a review. "They knew I was from California, and wanted to show me there was good Asian food here. I was not disappointed."

That's exactly the kind of feedback that we hoped for when we began this whole thing. And we're appreciative that it's the kind of quality content we're getting.