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Top 10 review lines ... so far

April 26, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Top 10 review lines ... so far

We can't say enough for our good, sweet WacoFork family. In less than three weeks since we cranked this thing up, you all have surprised us by how well you've participated in this venture, especially by reviewing restaurants.

I definitely had a fun afternoon of work today sorting through some of the 145 reviews submitted so far, looking for my favorite lines.

We have to admit, we were a little nervous about the prospect of vicious, mud-slinging reviews, but that hasn't really happened. At times, some of you have been severely honest, but you've still been fair.

To show my appreciation, I present my Top 10 lines so far. (I tried to keep them anonymous as much as I could, still there's one especially specific and stinging one. I just wanted to note here that we don't necessarily agree with the sentiment, but it still made us laugh.)


10) I'm making myself want to get in the car and drive out there right now.

9 ) Not sure what exactly they are but my best description is a giant pile of amazing.

8) I've lived in Waco for six years, and have eaten here at least once a year in hopes that a) it gets better b) it was having an off day last time or c) my palate has changed. It never does...

7) You mean Blah Fiesta?

6) Let's just hope it doesn't turn into FratPalace...we do want it to keep up its street cred.

5) After moving from Austin, I have been looking for a place with good drinks and a casual tapas menu, AND GOOD FISH TACOS! And I finally found all of that at Sam's.

4) Been eating this BBQ since childhood (I'm 57 now). Won't get BBQ any place else!!

3) It is a delicious container of goodness that will leave you wanting to take a nap!

2) Granted, I'm a non-discriminatory hotdog lover, so maybe that's just me...but they are pretty delicious for the price.

1) I'm not sure if the food or the humble couple that own the place have me feeling like nothing bad has ever happened each time I leave there.

That's good stuff. Keep 'em coming.