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Attention Locals: It's time to visit the Silos

August 30, 2016 | Cory Webb | Around Town
Attention Locals: It's time to visit the Silos

I hate crowds, and I hate waiting in line. I avoid both as much as possible. The only time I will go to Six Flags is during the 2 weeks at the beginning or end of the summer when the park closes at 6:00 pm, because there are no crowds and no lines during those weeks (but that's our little secret, so don't tell anyone).

There's a new popular vacation destination that most locals want to avoid because of huge crowds and long lines. Of course I'm talking about the Magnolia Market silos in downtown Waco. We as locals have already been conditioned to stay away as the throngs of tourists descend upon our beloved downtown to catch a glimps of the Fixer Upper phenomenon.

The silos are more than just a tourist trap, though. The folks at Magnolia have really built something special in downtown Waco, and I really believe that we as locals should get to enjoy it as much as our out-of-town guests. And now is the time to do it! The summer has come to an end, and the tourists have mostly all gone home. There are a few here and there, but nothing like that hoards we see in the summer.

The Magnolia Market is a really nice shop with some great products, and there's a great little popcorn stand inside called Chuck's Gourmet Popcorn that fills the air with the smell of its freshly popped salted caramel popcorn.

And then there's the back yard. They have an area in the back about half the size of a football field covered in turf with balls, frisbees, cornhole, swings, and more fun things for the kids (and adults, because let's be real here) to play with.

Just beyond the back yard is what has become known as the siloteria, an outdoor food court with some of the best food trucks in town. There are lots of covered tables to sit and enjoy a meal from Milo Biscuit Company, Cheddar Box, Co-Town Crépes, 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizzeria, Club Sandwich, or a dlicious cold-pressed juice or smoothie from Luna Juice Bar or some coffee from Common Grounds. You can even treat yourself to a cupcake or 6 at Magnolia Flour.

The silos are a great place to go for a quick lunch, hang out with friends, or take the kids for a fun afternoon activity. It's a gem in downtown Waco hidden in plain sight, and I think it's time for us locals to start taking full advantage of it. Saturdays are probably still pretty crowded, but the wave of tourists has definitely subsided on weekdays. So get out to the silos now before spring break and summer 2017 hit!

One more bite

If you're a member of the WacoFork Club, you can save money at most of those great food trucks: Milo Biscuit Company, Co-Town Crépes, 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizzeria, Club Sandwich, and Luna Juice Bar! Go sign up today!