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I have been to other El Cons and they were good. This one - is horrible. I have been 4 times trying to give them a chance - but has been terrible all 4 times. I will never go back.The food has no taste. The queso is a blob and goo. My husband ordered the carne asada the last time and it had some type of gooey stuff on top - hard to tell because of the darkness. Anyway we did not eat and left.

Great Lunch
Great lunch. The Flautas were excellent. Good and chrispy. Thanks Willie.

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I shoulda known...
I should have known not to go here...on par with the other El Conquistador restaurants in Waco. Margaritas were the worst...couldn't drink enough of it without gagging to know if there was any tequila in it. We returned the margaritas and ordered beer...I figure they can't screw that up! The queso tasted and looked like it was made from a can of Campbell's soup...a glob of orange stuff in a bowl with no spices or anything. The waitress said the manager refused to take the queso off the tab even though only 3 chips were dipped in it. And the salsa was very ketchupy tasting and not spicy. The manager/owner wouldn't talk to us about the bill, sent the hostess to talk to us and she didn't have a clue.

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