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I was at church on Sunday morning when I noticed my friend Josh Blake was dressed kind of fancy, which I knew was because of Mother's Day because I go to the kind of church where jeans and T-shirts are more common that suits and ties.

Turns out, he had already been to Mother's Day brunch. I inquired where and he said the new Cafe Cappuccino. That was news to me.

There's a new food truck open downtown as The Boudain Shack rolled into business on Monday.

The Boudain Shack formerly occupied a freestanding restaurant in Robinson and we ventured out there for a couple of blogs in the past two years. Now they're so much closer to my house, which is a big fist pump for me.

The new Starbucks at Valley Mills Drive and Interstate 35 opened on Tuesday.

The more the merrier, right? Plus, I think it says something about our humble burg that we now have five Starbucks locations, not counting the ones inside other businesses.

I first became aware of the Pokey O's ice cream truck a couple of weeks ago when they showed up at Art on Elm and word got back to me.

On Monday evening, I was headed into Dichotomy when I saw the truck outside. Once inside, while I was settling in at the bar, a couple of people sat down near me with fresh ice cream sandwiches, which allowed me to get a closer look at the Pokey O's offering.

It escaped my attention until today, but there's a new Cane's going up fast in Hewitt.

I was grabbing lunch when I bumped into WacoFork friend Derick Bailey. He informed me the new Cane's, where Burger King used to be on Hewitt Drive, was going up fast.

Potbelly opens tomorrow

April 13, 2015 | Chad Conine | Latest News | Comment

After church on Sunday, I overheard someone ask someone else where they wanted to have lunch. The suggestion was made that Potbelly was open, which I doubted.

Later on Sunday, I was leaving the H-E-B across Valley Mills from the new Gander Mtn shopping center when my friend said it was open because he saw people there and the lights on. So I figured I just missed the opening.

#TFTS Winners!

March 28, 2015 | Melissa Rowland Whisnant | Latest News | Comment

Congratulations to the new Texas Food Truck Champion Chef Tai!!

Other Winners:

I was running around in sports world today when the WacoFork wire buzzed. One of our best correspondents on the street sent me a text with some fantastic new-restaurant news.

By Venée Hummel

Does this sound good? Would you like a pork-and-veal bratwurst with an Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle IPA glaze on a pretzel roll bun?

Word on the street is that will be the Whole Foods food truck offering at the Texas Food Truck Showdown later this month.

I noticed new signage while I was out and about at True Love on Friday evening. Sascee's has taken over the space formerly occupied by Al Miraj and Old Fashion BBQ.

So on Tuesday, I stopped by Sascee's to find out more. Turns out they're closed on Monday and Tuesday but owner Marcia Neal greeted me at the door and gave us the spill on the new restaurant.